Standard Model, Standard Model with vinyl box and cloth top, Standard Model with vinyl box and vinyl top (left to right).


Features of GFI Kari-All Storage Seats:

Available in the Standard Model or the Backrest Model.

Our seats are designed for durability with the working musician in mind. They are constructed with 1/2" top grade plywood (no voids or patches) and the main box is covered with the same type of gray carpet used on speaker cabinets. The corners of the box are dadoed, glued, and stapled together with 1" staples. The corners are finished and reinforced with specially designed steel coated with a durable hammertone black finish. The bottom is also dadoed, glued and stapled into the side walls.

Standard Model


The folding seat is made as part of the box then cut apart to ensure a perfect fit. It is covered with 2" firm foam and top quality "breathable" black vinyl. It is attached to the box with 3 teardrop heavy duty case hinges and held in place by 2 heavy duty case latches.

Backrest Model, Backrest Model with vinyl box, vinyl top, and hammertone gold vein hardware, Backrest Model with vinyl box and cloth top (left to right).


Backrest models feature a 6" pad for lower back support, which folds on top of the seat for transport.


Overall dimensions are 17" wide by 14" long and 22" tall with the legs extended.

Custom leg heights available up to plus or minus 2 inches from the standard 22 inches (from floor to the top of the seat with the legs extended).

The storage compartment is divided into 4 sections, 2 of which are carpeted and large enough to hold a standard Goodrich volume pedal.

The legs are 1/16" wall 1" diameter polished aluminum tubing and the leg braces are formed from 3/8" diameter aluminum rod which also has the hammertone black coating. A specially formed steel clamp locks the legs securely in place during use. It also locks the legs in place during transport.


Options include covering the seat top with "No Sweat" black cloth and covering the box with black vinyl. Backrest models only have the option of hammertone gold vein hardware.

See the "Prices" page for pricing.

Backrest Model



GFI Pedal Steel Guitar Cases

We make our own hardshell carpet covered cases for all models of our pedal steel guitars. Like our seats, they are constructed from top grade plywood. The front and back are made from 1/2" plywood, the ends from 5/8" and the top and bottom from 1/4". Corners and pedal board dividers are dadoed, glued and stapled for super strength. Cases are covered with the same durable gray carpet as our seats. Lids are attached with heavy duty hinges. .

Professional Series steel guitar cases additionally feature a softer and more plush interior carpet

D-10 case weighs 18 pounds, S-10 P case weighs 17.5 pounds, S-10 case weighs 16 pounds, Student Model case weighs 15 pounds.


Custom Cases

While we have done some custom case work in the past, our current workload unfortunately does not allow us to take any custom case orders for the foreseeable future.


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