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Annotated Photos

Here are several annotated photos showing many of the parts on a GFI pedal steel guitar and the names we refer to them by.

S-10 E -  Front Diagram
S-10 E Front Diagram.jpg
S-10 E Changer End Diagram
Changer End
S-10 E Changer End Diagram.jpg
S-10 E Undercarriage Diagram
S-10 E Undercarriage Diagram.jpg
S-10 E Knee Lever Undercarriage Diagram
KL Undercarriage
S-10 E Knee Lever Diagram.jpg
S-10 E Changer End Undercarriage Diagram
Changer End Undercarriage
S-10 E Under Changer Diagram.jpg
S-10 E Changer Undercarriage Diagram
Changer Undercarriage
S-10 E Undercarriage Changer End Diagram
S-10 E Pedals Diagram
S-10 E Pedals Diagram.jpg
Pedal Rod Connectors
Pedal Rod Connectors
S-10 E Pedal Rod Connector Diagram.jpg
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