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Pedal Steel Guitars

A simple, clean and modern design

D-10 U in Black, changer endplate

GFI pedal steel guitars have a clear and expressive tone with excellent frequency response and note separation.

S-10 PU in Maple, under changer angle

They excel in recording situations as well as being the live choice of many touring professionals.

D-10 U in Vintage Wood, front angle

They are light in weight, incredibly reliable mechanically and the pedal and knee lever action is accurate, smooth and responsive.

D-10 U in Black, key end angle
Overview Of Main Features
 All Aluminum Frame 
D-10 U Frame

We begin with an all aluminum frame to provide maximum stability in a lighter weight structure which results in much less detuning than the more traditional design of two metal endplates attached to a wood body.  All of our aluminum is extruded aircraft grade material, no castings are used.  Extrusions are a very efficient way to make various odd shaped parts and each GFI pedal steel utilizes about a dozen different extrusions.  The frame and metal body parts are coated with a baked on epoxy that provides extremely durable protective finish and an excellent bearing surface for moving parts.

Pedal steel guitars are subject to a large amount of string tension and then additional stresses as the strings are pulled by the pedals and knee levers to change pitch.  Our instruments are designed to provide as much stability as possible and minimize any adverse performance effects those stresses might cause in a package that is as light weight as possible.

Made in the U.S.A.
All GFI pedal steel guitars have a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in materials and workmanship
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