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Keyless Tuning System
An additional cost option for 10 string Ultras
Standard on all 12 string Ultras
  • Tuning knobs remain level

  • Twin shafts provide a perfectly balanced leverage ratio

  • Fine tuning is much more precise than with keys

  • Available lever movement has a more than adequate safety margin

  • No roller nut is required as there is no measurable movement at the nut

  • The problem of returning to pitch when lowering and raising the same string is virtually eliminated

  • No tools required for tuning, however, a phillips screwdriver is required to change strings

  • Knobs are shaped to accept an 11mm socket

Advantages of the Keyless Tuning System

  • When using keys for tuning, the excess string length needed to reach the keys from the nut absorbs vibration, taking energy from the main body of the string and decreasing sustain which is eliminated with keyless tuning

  • Pedal and knee lever travel is decreased since there is less string to stretch and the pedal and knee lever action feels more solid

  • The length of the instrument is shorter, therefore stronger, minimizing detuning while pressing pedals

  • Strings break less frequently since less movement of the bridge cam is required to acquire the same pitch

  • Undesirable overtones created by the excess string length are also eliminated with the keyless system.  These overtones are detrimental to the pure tone of the instrument, as they will vary with string gauge, string length beyond the nut, and the location of the bar on the strings.

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