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Ultra 1.3 Black.png
The Ultra is our top of the line Professional Series pedal steel guitar


Standard Features:

  • Brushed Aluminum Finish with Durable Epoxy Clear Coating

  • Maple Die Board Bodies with Gloss Laminate Finish

  • 24” Scale

  • Stainless Steel Changer Fingers

  • One Piece Key Heads

  • Grover Keys

  • Steeltronics PH10 Pickup(s)

  • Triple Raise, Double Lower Changers

  • 7 Position Bell Cranks

  • Adjustable Lowering Springs

  • Deflection Minimizing Crossrod Bearing Caps

  • Stainless Steel Screws, Pull Rods, and Pedal Rods

  • SIT Stainless Steel Strings

  • Denim Leg Bag, 3/16” Hex Tuning Wrench, 5/64” Allen Wrench

  • Hardshell Carpet Covered Case


  • S-10 U standard with 3x4

  • S-10 PU standard with 3x4

  • D-10 U standard with 8x5

  • S-12 KU standard with 7x5

  • S-12 PKU standard with 7x5

No Additional Cost Options:

  • Laminate color choices:  Black, Blue, Red, Birdseye Maple, Vintage Wood

  • Non-standard Leg Height of +/- 1 or 2 Inches (at the time of a new order)


Additional Cost Options:


  • Additional Pedals and/or Knee Levers

  • Keyless Tuning System          (available on Ultras only)

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